• Public Relations work done for the USA Science and Engineering Festival
  • Public Relations work done for the USA Science and Engineering Festival

The 2016 Festival. If science is for nerds, then all of us are nerds –all 350,000 of us!

USA Science and Engineering Festival

USA Science Engineering Festival NewLogoEvery two years the USA Science and Engineering Festival returns to Washington, DC, celebrating advances in knowledge and encouraging the curiosity of kids. Founded by the late tech entrepreneur Larry Bock, the Festival is a magnet for children hungry to learn more about their world. Beyond that, it is also a vibrant and engaging way for parents and teachers to introduce the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to the young minds that will be the innovators of tomorrow. Each Festival now draws thousands of people and dozens of school buses of young children to Washington's cavernous and quickly-filled Convention Center.

None of this, however, happens by chance. The reason 350,000 people attended the 2016 Festival was because Evergreen mounted a wide-ranging PR campaign to get the word out and created a desire to attend. We reached out to local (even hyper-local, as in individual neighborhoods) media to describe the previous years' excitement and the current year's attractions. We arranged for interviews of Bock and supporters of the Festival like Bill Nye, Mike Rowe, and Mayim Bialik. We engaged schools, showing them that the Festival could be a valuable learning resource. And much more.

At every Festival the buzz gets louder and the attendance grows larger. And those, as we say in science, are quite simply the facts.

"You hit the ground running and delivered us something every single day. You made my life a joy of reporting good news everyday to our Sponsors."

– Larry Bock
USA Science & Engineering Festival

Ben Franklin (possibly an impersonator)
ScienceFest 4079
Bill Nye, The Science Guy
ScienceFest 7554
Mirrors create an amazing optical illusion
USASEFk14 5281
Inside a giant bubble!
USASEF14 2697
Tinkering with mathematics
USASEF14 1593
Learning about proteins
USASEF14 3100
A Holodeck right here on Earth
USASEF14 3104
Learning to use a microscope
USASEF14 3549
A young and confident scientist