• Strategy, public relations, and branding work we did for NowackHoward
  • Strategy, public relations, and branding work we did for NowackHoward

NowackHoward helps maintain a sense of community in a changing world.

NowackHoward, LLC

NowackHoward logo RGBThis one really did feel like Mission Impossible. We had one month to help launch a new law firm, and it all had to be done in secret. Throughout the process we wouldn't meet the firm's founders in person – they're in Atlanta and we got the job via an enthusiastic referral from another client in North Carolina.

When everyone's anxious and the clock is ticking, the inclination is to dive into the creative waters…bring up a website, create a logo, etc. But because we trusted their plans and they respected our expertise, we – together – took a different tack. We started by having thoughtful discussions on goals, markets, and positioning. These were invaluable in terms of giving context and background to our creative staff and in helping our client focus on key messages and differentiators.

After that, the work got much easier. We stood up a new website, a blog, a newsletter, a logo and brand, and a tagline, contracts and business papers. We edited text and advised on photography. We created a PR campaign that resulted in articles appearing on launch day and interviews shortly thereafter.

So, now let us introduce you to NowackHoward, LLC.

"The Evergreen Team was our most essential partner in establishing our new law firm identity and enabled us to open with the professionalism and branding critical to our success. Now that we are up and running, the responsive, results-oriented Evergreen Team remains our most essential communication, marketing and business strategy partner. We feel fortunate to have found them!"

– Julie Howard
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Nowack Howard, LLC

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