• Strategy and Branding Work for Cohen
  • Strategy and Branding Work for Cohen

The Cohen Group's experience and expertise reach around the world. Now their website does, too.

The Cohen Group

The Cohen Group Logo web RGBThe Cohen Group (TCG), headed by former Senator and Secretary of Defense William Cohen, is a multifaceted, international consulting firm, with offices in DC, India, and China. They knew from experience that every prospect approached the firm from a different perspective. Some were drawn by one of TCG's 13 practice sectors or one of their 11 geographic areas of expertise, – or even by the specific experience of one of TCG's 60+ team members.

How do you present all of that information, and case studies, in an accessible manner, on a 300+ page website and not have it be overwhelmingly complex?

Answer: You bring large binders of company information to Evergreen and we then apply our analytical skills as well as our web design expertise to organize and streamline all of the data. We spread it all out on some long tables – and spent some time organizing it – and came up with an elegant and accessible website.

A new visitor can quickly find the information they need and drill down as deeply as they want. Rather than guessing how someone would look through the site, we provided multiple options for visitors to look in whatever manner they preferred.

Oh, and we also put our own spin on TCG's globe logo, giving it a more modern look and feel.

"Evergreen's redesign of our website clearly showed the value of our expertise, the knowledge of our people, the global reach of our services, and the integrity that underlies everything we do. We are most grateful for their work."

– Jim Bodner
The Cohen Group

CohenGroup Logo 1SPOT
The Cohen Group logo, old (left) and new (right)
Cohen Homepage Before After1
The Cohen Group website, old (left) and new (right)
Cohen Map Page
The Cohen Group website, showing interactive map of firm’s experience