• Marketing, Strategy, Public Relations and Branding work we did for Green Generation Solutions
  • Marketing, Strategy, Public Relations and Branding work we did for Green Generation Solutions

Green Generation's engineering process and our creative approach are the same: discover, integrate, design, refine, excel.

Green Generation

P ggs1How do you start a company from scratch, in a faltering economy, and make the Inc. 5000 list of the nation's fastest-growing companies (number 380), the Smart CEO Future 50, and the Washington Business Journal's fastest-growing list (number 11) — all in just five years?

Lots of hard work by Green Generation's (formerly Green Generation Solutions) founders Brad and Debra Dockser, along with a dedicated and creative staff, supported by our comprehensive marketing; a website, logo, tagline, messaging, case studies, and a full-on PR campaign.

GreenGen had a unique approach to the growing green energy retrofit market; with backgrounds in renewables, engineering, and business, they set out to make every energy decision a smarter financial decision for each of their clients. It worked, and we encapsulated that approach in their double-entendre tagline…operate in the green®. The company's six-step Energy Plan Development Process emphasized iteration, measurement, and refinement to maximize client benefits. We took that theme and created their double-G logo, reminiscent of an infinity sign and depicting GreenGen's successful approach to refining solutions that work, and keep improving, for their clients.

In 2018, after years of rapid growth, Green Generation Solutions rebranded to Green Generation and broke out into five separate branches: Solutions, Ventures, Analytics, Property and Trading. To address the big structural changes, we created a modified logo as well as a logo system for all the branches, as well as redesigning and rebuilding their website.

"Evergreen isn’t just a great marketing firm, they are really an extension of our senior management helping identify ways to drive our business and then developing great implementation plans that are cost-effective and return-oriented. We wouldn’t have made the Inc. 5000 without them."

– Brad Dockser
Green Generation

GreenGen EMERALD Logo
The logo we designed for GreenGen's software platform.
Ggs Website Redesign (2018)
GreenGen's Website Update (2018)
Ggs Website
Green Generation Solutions’s website (2012)
GGS IMG 1569 Retouched
Business Papers
Ggs Coasters
Custom Coasters
GGS Library Of Congress
Project Report for the Library of Congress
GGS Liberty Center
Project Report for the Liberty Center
GGS Logo
Original Green Generation Solutions Logo (before renaming)