• A Higher Standard for Website Security

A Higher Standard for Website Security

What You Need To Know

Google has released its newest and most significant browser update – Chrome 68 – which marks all HTTP sites as Not Secure . This is a big step towards ensuring that all internet users can recognize whether or not a site is safe.

GoDaddy offers a nice overview about what this update entails.

If you haven’t updated your Chrome browser recently, or use a different one altogether, you may currently be unaware of, or unaffected by this update. However, it’s expected that other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox will be following suit, as part of their HTTPS Everywhere movement.

What To Do

The first step to securing your website is to purchase an SSL certificate through your website host provider (such as GoDaddy or Bluehost) and install it on your site. Evergreen & Company is available to provide installation support once your certificate has been purchased.


Aside from taking steps to ensure your website is secure for your visitors, you will also benefit from optimized page load times and Google’s automatic search ranking boost which prioritizes HTTPS sites.

Once your SSL certificate has been properly installed, your site will display a green lock icon and the word "Secure" beside your HTTPS URL.

To learn more, and to find out how Evergreen & Company can make the process quick and painless for you, call us at 703.241.9001.